An ode to the practical beauty and craftsmanship of early American furniture design

First released in 2009, the Isometric Collection remains a timeless offering. With its unpretentious styling and streamlined forms, the designs call upon underlying principles of Shaker, Mission and early American furniture design. Characterized by clean lines, practical beauty, and an enduring sense of craftsmanship, the collection is simplicity at its purest. Still, the lines and angles infuse a modern point of view to the spirit and functionality of these great American wood furniture traditions. The seating in particular reflects deep research into the geometry of the body and optimal positions for repose.

Pieces are built by traditional craftspeople in Germany from exclusively domestic materials. Drawing upon over 200 years of meticulous woodworking traditions, our craftspeople build these pieces with the most sophisticated contemporary manufacturing technologies, bringing time-honored processes into the 21st century.

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