Founded in 2007 by Michaele Simmering and Johannes Pauwen, Kalon produces work with a strong focus on elemental forms, natural materials and versatility. The studio prides itself on its intense focus on materiality, which is at the forefront of each of their designs, as is an obsession with integrity. The emotive quality of everyday objects, the impact of idealized everyday spaces and the interplay between natural materials, high-tech precision manufacturing and modern form are all central to Kalon’s practice.

Since the beginning, Kalon has held a deep commitment to sustainable, regional production, and each piece is made by a small team of highly skilled traditional craftspeople using timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forests and the highest quality sustainable finishes and materials. Pieces are designed with flexibility of use, durability and timeless desirability in mind. Kalon’s intent is that the user will keep the product for a lifetime and that the piece will adapt to the user’s ever-changing needs and tastes.

Kalon Studios has been producing American made design with a focus on seamlessly combining a love of contemporary design, simplicity and craft since 2007.