Cut from a solid block of freshly cut domestic timber felled in the forests of Germany, the Trunk explores the playful relationship between the variations inherent to natural materials and the precision of contemporary form. Over time, the surface evolves giving each piece a unique look. Ring and heartwood details have been actively preserved and featured on the seat. No finish has been applied to best allow the piece to develop a natural patina as it ages. 

Weird and wonderful, irregular and imperfect, Trunks are an explicit celebration of the unique and aberrant qualities of wood. Cut from a single block of wood and rendered in exceedingly simplified forms, the organic materiality of the timber is given primary focus. Unique patterns of grain variation tell a story of age, locality, the climate conditions the tree weathered, the soil it called home, the minerals it has encountered, and the insects and animals who lived within it. We find these differences to be extraordinarily beautiful, underscoring the life of the tree. Each piece is as one of a kind as the trees from which they are crafted.

Small 26 L x 21.5 W x 21.5 H
Large 106.5 L x 35.5 W x 35.5 H
XLarge 152.5 L x 35.5 W x 35.5 H
Made in Germany

• Made from Green Wood.
• This piece is sanded but not finished. 
• Green Wood: Wood that has been recently cut and therefor has not had an opportunity to season by evaporation of the internal moisture.
• ‘Green’ Wood pieces will warp and split as they age. This is an intended part of the design.
• No toxins/No off-gassing
• EDC free (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals)