An infinitely modifiable seating collection

Released in 2015, No. 5 Series took modular seating to new levels. Inspired by the ever-changing ways we occupy both domestic and commercial space, the bespoke collection was created to offer a highly modifiable and thus everlasting seating solution.

8 years later, No. 6 presents an evolution of the collection with an updated foot and the introduction of a chair to the core configuration options.

Designed and built with exquisite attention to detail, the collection offers four core elements — a chair, chaise, sectional, and sofa — which work as standalone pieces or can be strung together in infinite configurations. The system can be added to, adjusted and reimagined over time and can adapt as its moved from space to space.

Made from meticulously selected oil-rubbed domestic hardwoods and premium, all-natural upholstery materials, the collection is a testament to the elegance of natural materials and the artistry of craftsmanship. The solid wood frame was designed to be enjoyed from all angles and lends a sculptural beauty to whatever space it occupies. Optional brass detailing calls to mind a mid-century sensibility infused with airy modernity.

Each piece is built to order by a small team of master craftsmen using techniques that aim to sustainably produce pieces that will last for generations. All pieces in the collection can be built COM or from our catalog of textiles and wood species.

The collections includes a sectional, a sofa, a chair and a chaise.

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