Evoking exuberance through design

The Kalon x Reath collection was designed by Kalon in collaboration with fellow Los Angeles design studio Reath.

Released in 2020, the Rugosa Collection is the synthesis of a many years’ conversation exploring the evolving function and spirit of the living room. Inspired by the Narragansett home from which the collection takes its name, Rugosa was designed to invite comfort — both communal and solitary.

Two years later, the collaboration with fellow LA-based design studio, Reath Design, looked to this original seed of inspiration to present a brand new limited release of custom upholstery for the Rugosa Sofa, Rugosa Daybed, and Rugosa Chair.

Drawing from the vast catalogs of Alexander Girard, Rose Cumming, and the Warner Textile Archive, the Kalon x Reath Rugosa Collection pushes the limits of juxtaposition and harmony. Against a backdrop of clean-lined Modernist forms, the textile selection of florals, stripes, and checks sings, injecting an undeniably eccentric, nostalgic flair to Kalon’s designs. Departing from the oft-austere impulse of minimalism, these exuberant pieces evoke a bold generosity of spirit and mood of lived-in creativity.

The Kalon x Reath collection includes a limited release of custom upholstery for the Rugosa sofa, armchair, and day bed.

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